What You Need to Know About the First Step

“We admitted we were powerless over our alcoholism– that our lives had become unmanageable.”

Step One, as it is usually said in Alcoholics Annonymous meetings, is the only step that must be completed in a perfect way. It certainly gives new members an introduction to the AA program and a new opportunity for hope and positivity. Step One will actually be the engine that will power the brand new alcoholic member forward into all of the other steps. Once completed, Step One will offer this positive and new inertia in a powerful way. It will offer a new perspective, a new reassurance, and a new stamina every time the alcoholic feels he can stop his sobriety or step work.

When it comes to the acceptance of the first step, there are a lot of unique challenges. The alcoholics choices pertaining to Step One will be made by the person he or is at the current moment, under the consequences of his or alcoholism and where the disease has taken him or her. There’s a reason Step One is the first step. It must be completed before any of the other steps can be completed.


Only when the alcoholic fully understands and completes Step One is he or she ready to go on to Step Two. This is vital to their Step Work as any good sponsor will tell you. Many meetings of AA are dedicated to new members and completing the first step because it is that important.

So what should you do to prepare yourself to start working the steps? Going to meetings is the most important thing. Reading The Big Book will also help you greatly in your quest to complete all of the steps. Another thing you want to do is find a sponsor who works for you. Once you have done all of these things, you will be ready to begin your journey working the 12 steps.