Service work is something that can be healing and therapeutic for just about anyone. That’s because it gives you a chance to give back to someone that is in need. Anyone, no matter any age or where their geographical location is, can get involved with helping others. Therefore, anyone who has the desire should be able to help. This is especially true for recovering alcoholics. Being ready to help anyone at anytime is a crucial step for many that are in recovery.


One of the biggest benefits an alcoholic will find through service work is that it keeps them sober. When someone has something to strive towards that’s greater than themselves, they find themselves focusing all their time and energy into it. Alcoholics who do service work find that they focus more on this and less on their next drink. Therefore, it helps them to avoid relapses by focusing their life towards something positive. Service work for a recovering alcoholic can mean a variety of different things.


Service work can be as simple as lending an ear to a fellow alcoholic who needs someone to talk to. Sometimes, all people need is someone by their side. This can be the difference in someone maintaining their sobriety or caving for a drink. Service work can also be buying someone a cup of coffee, giving them a ride to a meeting or to the grocery store, or any other type of one-on-one help.


When an alcoholic does service work, they have a way to occupy their time. No longer do they feel as strong of an urge to crack open a drink or head to a corner bar. Instead, they know that they have people depending on them through this service work. When someone depends on you, you’re less likely to think of your own needs first. Service work among recovering alcoholics has been on the rise recently. It’s great to see so many people, young and old, branching out to make a difference.


Service work enhances sobriety because it’s another step closer to staying sober and enjoying life. Participating in service work is another sober activity that people can add to their lists of tasks to accomplish for the day. When someone does service work for another, they become that inspiration. They are now someone that others are being looked up too.


Overall, service work doesn’t have to be something spectacular. It can be a simple gesture such as saying hello to a newcomer, helping to set out chairs, making coffee, and more. Service work is helping another member on their journey to recovery. By doing that, you, in turn, help your own recovery process. It’s hard to do things alone. Service work brings everyone together so that there’s always someone to lean on when times get hard. One of the most difficult things for an alcoholic is staying sober and they never know when they may slip up. Being of service to others lessens the chance of a relapse because it helps a recovering alcoholic become more stable.