Counselors and therapists treat all different types of people with all different types of mental illnesses and addiction issues. So why do they all recommend Alcoholics Annonymous to their clients who have alcohol issues?

Going to meetings offers a lot of different advantages for alcoholics every single week. These types of benefits cannot necessarily be found in therapy alone. So what are these benefits?

The 12 steps involved in Alcoholics Anonymous include a system that helps you to change. One thing that is involved in the process of working the steps is changing your life for the better. Often times, people drink to solve other problems within themselves. When they stop drinking, these problems return full force. Working the steps forces them to confront the problems that they had before they started drinking in the first place.

People drink for the same reason they watch too much television, eat bad foods, play video games to excess, gamble, have excessive sex, etc. All of these things give people a way to escape from themselves. Stopping drinking is only treating one of the symptoms. Working the steps is treating the cause of the disease.

It can also be very inspiring to see others who have been sober for years or to see others who have already worked the steps. Attending meetings can be extremely uplifting because you hear about how other people have turned their lives around.

The longer you stay in treatment, the more likely you are to stay sober. After you have completed the necessary detox from alcohol abuseĀ as well as rehabilitation, AA is a way of continuing treatment. When you are involved in AA, you will be actively working on your recovery. You are more likely to find your recovery being long-term when you are putting time and effort into it on a regular basis.

There are many different benefits associated with AA meetings. In order to see what AA can do for you, you just need to try it out.