My name is Jenna Bennet, and I am an alcoholic.

I started this blog because I want you to know that there is a cure for alcoholism. It’s pretty simple. The cure for alcoholism is the 12-step program, Alcoholics Anonymous.

You’ve probably heard of AA. It’s the biggest recovery group in the world. It helps millions of people around the globe, and it has certainly helped me in my life. I have been sober for 15 years. Before this last time, I tried to get sober many times and I relapsed. I’ve picked up so many white chips over the years!

So what was it that finally allowed me to get sober? I sought treatment at a 12-step-based rehab facility, and then I got really involved with AA. I got a sponsor, and I worked the 12 steps with her. And then about two years later, I became a sponsor. Spreading the program to other alcoholics has really helped me.

One of the reasons I started this blog was to help spread the word about the program to other suffering alcoholics. If you are suffering from alcoholism, please have a look at my blog entries.